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Our Philosophy

One to One Physical Therapy blends three major themes together to create a positive and effective experience for patients to be able to achieve their goals. The first one is personalization. We believe each individual possesses their own unique characteristics, history, and environment that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective treatment program. Furthermore, every session is 1:1 where ample time and attention are dedicated to working with each patient.

The next primary theme is the focus on achieving the goal of vitality. Vitality may be defined as: Exuberant physical strength and mental vigor with the power to live and grow for continued purposeful existence. Therapy objectives revolve not only around eliminating pain and dysfunction but facilitating a balanced dynamic body that can thrive.

The final major theme emphasizes integration. This term describes the inherent nature of the body as being a system composed of many underlying systems that must work together in order for vitality to be achieved. When considering the postural system of the body, there must be synchrony between the feet, legs, arms, pelvis, rib cage, spine, neck, head, jaw, as well as the vestibular and visual systems. If any of these components are not properly coordinating with one another, a pattern of pain and dysfunction may ensue. Therefore, no matter where one’s primary area of pain or limitation may be, it is essential to assess the entire postural system to determine where the primary drivers may be. For example, there are times when an individual’s shoulder pain may be related to their pelvis being in an undesirable position whereas in another individual their occlusion (the way their teeth line up) might be creating the shoulder impingement. It could also be both!

Integration refers to not only considering the entire postural system but other systems in the body as well such as the emotional, mental, digestive, immune, endocrine, respiratory, and nervous systems. For example, the founder of One to One Physical Therapy, Dr. Heather Carr, has a certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and has found that some individuals require the incorporation of nutritional components in their plan of care to be able to achieve their goals. One to One Physical Therapy also recognizes the connection between the mind and body which may require integration with other health care practitioners who offer a complementary and holistic approach.



We treat a wide variety of conditions with various layers of complexity.

Meet the Team

Heather Carr, DPT, NTP, PRC, OCS, MTC

Heather Carr, DPT, NTP, PRC, OCS, MTC

Founder and Owner of One to One Physical Therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist, Certifications in Postural Restoration, Manual Therapy, Biofield Tuning Read More
Noelle Ekonomou, PT, DPT

Noelle Ekonomou, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy Read More


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