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Dr. Kori Reigel | Physical Therapist

Education & Experience

Kori graduated from The University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. At Delaware, Kori was a four-year team member and a captain of the Women’s Division I Volleyball Team.

Go Blue Hens!

During her time spent around injured athletes, healthy athletes looking to excel, and in the Physical Therapy clinic where her passion for Physical Therapy was ignited.

As a graduate from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Neumann University, Kori gained experience in rehabilitation across the spectrum of healthcare, ranging from acute care to outpatient services.

At Neumann University, she had the opportunity to attend a service-learning trip where she traveled from Lima’s bustling city to the depths of the Peruvian Rain Forest, assessing the natural medicinal plants used for various ailments and overall accessibility to different levels of healthcare.

This experience allowed Kori to appreciate traditional natural healing techniques truly and started her subtle yearning for a holistic preventative healthcare approach.

Kori initially started her professional career in 2017 in a busy orthopedic and sports Physical Therapy clinic treating a multitude of injuries and pain syndromes.

She has work experience in outpatient services specializing in but not limited to orthopedics, sports medicine, post-operative rehabilitation, and pain management.

In her time working with this population, Kori completed a certification in Synergistic Dry Needling Level I and II. She also completed the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certification (Level I), which she uses to assess an individual’s movement concerning their golf swing for optimal performance.

She enjoys working with athletes of all kinds and appreciates the significant role PT plays in returning individuals to their activity of choice as well as a pain-free lifestyle. Kori places a large focus on injury prevention and enjoys working with actively seeking more functional movement patterns that promote a lifetime of active participation. 

Integrated Focus Transition

As Kori continued to work in this busy setting, she realized the job demands were limiting the quality of care she could provide to her patients. It was then Kori made her transition to One 2 One Physical Therapy in March of 2019.

In this transition, her treatment approach significantly changed to incorporate a holistic, full-body perspective using the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) method.

Since her transition, Kori has completed 2/3 of the foundational Postural Restoration Institute courses, including Postural Respiration and Myokinematic Restoration.

She plans to be Postural Restoration Certified, and she is currently studying the last foundational course, Pelvis Restoration, in her spare time. 

Kori has advanced her manual therapy skills through continued post-graduate coursework, including Craniosacral Therapy (CST). She has interests in continuing her coursework through the Upledger Institute and plans to take a second CST course and the Somato Emotional release courses.

She is also interested in taking the Visceral Manipulation coursed hosted by the Barral Institute. 

Energy & Sound Therapies

Kori has broadened her knowledge of the unique and extremely effective modality called Frequency Specific Microcurrent. This education increased Kori’s understanding and appreciation for the body’s inherent healing capabilities through frequencies and vibration. 

She has also furthered her education in sound therapy and sound healing through a technique called Biofield Tuning. Kori has found this energy treatment to play an important role in allowing the body to release old dysfunctional patterns that can contribute to pain/dysfunction while restoring balance and alignment through resonance.

Kori currently performs One 2 One’s Group Biofield Tuning sessions and holds great passion and love for this energy technique. 

Kori plans to continue her education in energy healing to develop a deeper understanding of the science behind the profound shifts that occur from various energy techniques.

She plans to become a facilitator through the Phoenix Center for Regenetics, using specific sound techniques to heal different levels of the body’s energy fields sequentially. Kori has found the Regenetics program to be particularly integral in facilitating her own healing process and maximizing personal potential on multiple levels.

Dr. Reigel has found a home with One 2 One Physical Therapy and wholeheartedly believes in the framework they operate. She is constantly learning, growing, developing herself, and her clinical skills and loves the lifetime work she can share as a holistic Physical Therapist.

Personal Interests

In her spare time, Kori is busy training her new rescue puppy, Wylie, with hopes of developing his therapy dog skills. She also enjoys time spent with her boyfriend, family, and friends, and is a proud aunt of her nephew, Henry, and soon to be niece!

A few of her favorite quotes:

Everyone smiles in the same language.” ~ George Carlin 

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” ~Vivian Greene

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