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Dr. Noelle Ekonomou | Physical Therapist

Education & Experience

Noelle attended the accelerated 6-year Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Saint Louis University and has received extensive training in both orthopedic, neurologic, and acute rehabilitation.

Noelle is passionate about helping others pursue their overall health and wellness goals and believes in providing the highest quality of care. With an integrated, whole-body rehabilitation model, Noelle uses extensive evaluation, examination, and treatment procedures.

She deeply explores the root cause of her patients’ injuries — considering musculoskeletal, vestibular, vision, neurologic, lymphatic, and cardiopulmonary systems.

Noelle has advanced her skills through continued post-graduate coursework for osteopathic manual therapies including muscle energy, strain-counter strain, cranial and joint mobilizations, and fascial and lymphatic balancing.

Postural Restoration

She has also been specially trained to perform internal pelvic floor muscle evaluation and treatment through the Hermann and Wallace Institute.

In addition to her manual skills, Noelle also began her special interest in treating scoliosis and neuromuscular imbalances through the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI). She has been studying with the institute since 2014 and obtained her certification in 2019.

Noelle is currently the youngest clinician in the institute to receive the PRC (Postural Restoration Certified) distinction, which is a testament to her passion, determination, and profound belief in the science and her eagerness to master it.


In 2018, Noelle began her Pilates instructor training through a studio in Alexandria, VA where she teaches group classes in her spare time.

She incorporates Pilates techniques into her Physical Therapy treatments in order to improve core stabilization and neuromuscular activation.

Noelle believes in developing individualized treatment approaches by incorporating different philosophies. She enjoys treating complex and chronic conditions, with a special emphasis on neurologic and spinal disorders, headaches, orofacial pain, TMJ, and pelvic disorders.


In her personal time, you can find Noelle exploring the DMV area doing anything active, including hiking, bicycling, skiing, yoga, and pilates.

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