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Our Framework

Our framework involves the concurrent and integrated processes of restoring positive and productive health patterns while releasing the ones that are no longer serving you in any beneficial purpose. 

This pathway is unique to you requiring specific prioritizing, sequencing, frequency, and duration of your customized program utilizing our unique holistic array of services.

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RELEASING Toxic Patterns RESTORES Mind-Body Vitality

Mental & Emotional Patterns

Beliefs and emotional states can be toxic in nature. Your underlying belief system creates your emotional state, which further impacts your physical health. Many of these unproductive beliefs tend to be unconscious where you are not fully aware that they are circulating within you.

Because your mental and emotional patterns are expressed in your physical and energy bodies, by releasing any toxic ones, you have the potential to make great strides in your health and vitality. 

Physiological Patterns

Living in today’s modern world lends itself to the accumulation of physical toxins in your body, such as pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides, artificial food ingredients, and many more chemicals that we are exposed to daily.

These substances can create chronic inflammation leading to pain, fatigue, stiffness, and many chronic health conditions. Therefore, we want to optimally support your systems’ ability to detoxify so that it can gently and naturally release toxins. 

Postural Patterns

Modern lifestyles can leave you disconnected from your inherent human physical abilities. Instead of having a relaxed, agile, supple frame that can easily walk, run, squat, and play, you may be stuck in a postural pattern characterized by tension and torque.

It is essential to release and inhibit these patterns so that your neuromuscular system has the opportunity to learn new ways of moving and resting. 

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RESTORING Mind-Body Vitality RELEASES Toxic Patterns

Mental & Emotional Patterns

Letting go of toxic mental and emotional patterns through our physical and energy-based therapies creates the space to restore positive and productive ones. Through this process, new perspectives are born. 

As your body feels more comfortable, freer, and energetic, you may find yourself restoring relationships not only with yourself but in all dimensions of your life. New positive dimensions can emerge within your personal, family, and work life. 

Physiological Patterns

By restoring your physiological health through supportive nutrition, sleep, and self-care strategies, you hold great power in your ability to detoxify and rebuild your body. When your cells are unburdened with toxins, they can dedicate their energy and resources for restorative healing vs. constantly managing toxicity. 

When your cells are not in a chronic state of damage control, then your tissues, organs and systems can optimally function so you can physically, mentally and emotionally be at your best. 

Postural Patterns

By releasing postural patterns of tension and torque, your body can now adopt new and improved movement patterns. This process can restore your ability to move freely and comfortably, the way your body intended to be. 

Your nervous system can become better regulated and relaxed, leading to unrestricted 3-dimensional body mobility characterized by strength, flexibility and balance. You are now free to be you! 

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