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We, at One 2 One Physical Therapy, are illuminating Physical Therapy to new dimensions.

Our vision is to bring conscious unity of your physical elements such your movement, posture, breathing, and physiology with your energetic self. Quantum physics demonstrates light is comprised of both particle and wave elements. The same law applies to your human body!

We understand that the majority of us are "out of tune" with our own energetic bodies and/or have never even explored this area of ourselves. Our vision is to erase the stigma surrounding energy therapy by integrating it with our Physical Therapy foundation.

Uniting these two areas not only provides the blueprint for true healing, but is the framework for transformative wellness and prevention. For this reason, our model is not only for those of you already in pain but for all of you who want to take a proactive stance on your health by combining energy based modalities with our physical ones. This blend can bring profound changes to your body, mind, and spirit.

Our goal is to make this method accessible to all, both locally and globally, through our 1:1 in house sessions, group workshops, online classes, and virtual appointments.