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One 2 One Physical Therapy is a certified Postural Restoration Center with Doctors of Physical Therapy who are experts in Breathing Re-training. The Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) is a holistic approach that respects the need to establish appropriate breathing patterns in order for the rest of your body to be able to achieve balanced alignment, movement capability, lymphatic circulation, restorative sleep, optimal gas exchange, nervous system regulation, and so much more.

One 2 One Physical Therapy recognizes the fact that the human body functions in neuromuscular patterns which are asymmetrical in nature primarily due to the differences in size between your left and right respiratory diaphragm leaflets, lateralization of your brain hemispheres, and your environment. This asymmetry creates a natural twist in your body that is present with every breath, step, and movement you make as you go about your day.

  • Stress of any kind can result in your body tightening up and coiling even more into this asymmetrical dysfunctional breathing pattern. This further locks up your postural system negatively impacting movement, energy, balance, and breathing. In these situations, some lung regions can become underinflated while others overinflated leading to inefficient respiratory function. Furthermore, when your rib cage is not optimally pumping and ventilating your lymphatic system can become stagnant impairing your ability to flush out toxins and cellular debris. This puts undo burden on not only your immune system but essentially every cell, tissue, organ, and other system in your body.
  • Locked-up postural and breathing patterns have a direct impact on your ability to breathe at all times of the day and night. This is particularly problematic for sleep as your airway and airflow can be negatively impacted setting the stage for sleep apnea and disturbances. Asymmetrical postural and breathing function can promote a coiled and narrowed airway as well as sub-optimal airflow pressure relationships contributing to sleep apnea behavior. Furthermore, your airway is regulated not only by the alignment of your skull bones, occlusion, and neck but also what serves as their foundation below-your rib cage, pelvis, arms, and legs. At One 2 One, we are specialists is training your entire body to optimize your breathing so that you can have restorative and restful sleep.
  • Dysfunctional breathing patterns have a marked effect on the biochemistry of your body and significantly alter your blood gas levels of (but not limited to) oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and pH levels. This significantly reduces the ability of your body to delivery oxygen to tissues! Poor breathing habits also influence your emotions, mental processing and functioning, circulation, digestive function, musculoskeletal function, and regulation of the autonomic nervous system (the ability to properly shift between a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state and a sympathetic (fight-or-flight) state at the appropriate times).

One 2 One Physical Therapy utilizes a wide variety of breathing techniques to re-train your body to learn proper breathing patterns. By addressing breathing first we reduce a primary dysfunctional pattern that can lead to a myriad of other health problems. This process involves specific manual and non-manual techniques as well as neuro-sensory integration of your entire postural system including your visual, vestibular, somatosensory, and auditory systems. We utilize a diaphragmatic breathing approach, promote nostril breathing and even incorporate fun re-training exercises like humming, vowel toning, kazooing, and blowing up balloons.

There is plenty of research and evidence supporting breathing re-training and the health benefits. Many of us don't realize we even have a breathing dysfunction at the core of our health issues! One 2 One Physical Therapy teaches you to breathe right so you can live right!

Here are some videos and articles we have created about breathing restoration: