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Custom Orthotics

At One 2 One Physical Therapy, we help you understand how your foot and ankle biomechanics can affect not only your feet, knees, and hips but your whole body.

Adjusting an Orthotics Sole by Sanding it

Your feet are your foundation and it’s critical that you have a solid yet flexible foundation supporting you. We provide custom-made orthotics by taking foam impressions and partnering with Dr. Paul Coffin, DPM to create highly specialized and unique orthotics.

Our orthotics are non-compressible and flexible, allowing the foot to maintain its natural range of motion throughout the gait cycle. They also respect and account for asymmetries in your body. This approach is not only ideal for proper foot/ankle biomechanics, but it also delivers a high deal of comfort for patients that a rigid/hard orthotic may not provide.

If you have previously tried over the counter orthotics or rigid orthotics without success, our custom-made approach may be right for you!

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