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Integrated Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a form of meditation and when integrated with different types of breathing, energy and manual techniques offered at One 2 One there can be even more potential to shift and heal your mind-body relationship.

Guided imagery involves all the senses, not just the visual sense, and is experienced throughout the mind-body complex as a whole. It taps into the subconscious realms to restore your connection and perception of your self and body.

Guided imagery can deliver multiple layers of positive, healing and motivating messages through simple images, sensations and affirmations received in an altered or trance-like state.

The effectiveness of guided imagery has been validated by research, demonstrating its positive impact on health, wellness, attitude, behavioral change and peak performance.

Here are some benefits:

  • Less than 10 minutes of hypnotic guided meditation can reduce stress, blood pressure, cholesterol and hemoglobin A1C levels in the blood.
  • It can heighten short-term immune cell activity and it speed up healing from fractures and burns.
  • It has been shown to reduce blood loss during surgery and opioid use after it.
  • Guided imagery lowers anxiety and pain.
  • It increases athletic mastery at skiing, skating, shooting, golf and tennis; and skill and confidence at writing, acting, singing, test-taking and public speaking.
  • It increases purposeful weight loss and smoking abstinence.
  • And it has been proven invaluable during medical procedures like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, ventilator weaning, biopsy and dialysis.
  • Regular use of guided imagery can heighten access to emotional depth, humor, responsiveness to music, spirituality, intuition, creativity, abstract thinking and empathy.

One 2 One Therapy offers a specialized form of guided imagery, Hypnotherapy. Click Here to learn more about this amazingly transformative service.

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