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Microcurrent therapy (also referred to as Frequency Specific Microcurrent) involves the application of micro-amperage current to the body via electrodes. Microcurrent is current in millionths of an ampere which is the same level of current your body produces on its own within each cell. The modality has been shown in published studies to increase ATP (the energy substrate of our cells) production in all of our tissues: including bone, cartilage, bursa, muscle, skin, fascia, and nerves. The modality has been shown in published studies to increase ATP (the energy substrate of our cells) production in many of our tissues including bone, cartilage, bursa, muscle, skin, fascia, and nerves.

Microcurrent therapy is unlike any other electrical stimulation modality because it can target specific tissues in the body (such as nerve, muscle, tendon, etc) to increase ATP synthesis and promote cellular regeneration and healing. This is different from traditional electrical stimulation which does muscle stimulation/strengthening via nerve stimulation.

Microcurrent is an excellent modality that can be utilized for chronic pain, concussion, trauma, acute injuries, sports injuries, non-union fractures, postoperative pain management, neuropathic and myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, and many other health concerns. Thus far, we have seen powerful improvements in pain, sleep, energy, ability to focus, mood, and even food cravings with our patients!

Our MEND Microcurrent devices deliver subsensory micro-amperage current, 1000 times less than milli-amperage current, so the current flow cannot be felt during treatment.

Here is a link to numerous published articles about Microcurrent.

Below are two articles explaining the benefits of Microcurrent therapy for the treatment of concussion and wounded warriors.

Microcurrent Testimonials

"For over 3 years post head injury, I have been dealing with multiple health issues with a lack of sleep and quality sleep being a major concern among them. I wasn't sure what to expect from microcurrent therapy, but after the very first treatment, I noticed immediate results. For the first time in 3 years, I fell asleep almost immediately upon hitting the pillow, before taking any of my multiple prescribed medications, before meditation, before brushing my teeth even! This happened like this for 3 consecutive nights following my first microcurrent therapy session and since then I've been convinced! I continue microcurrent therapy on a regular basis since then and have had noticeable and remarkably improved sleep and quality of sleep. Also as a result, I have been able to significantly reduce my nighttime prescribed medications, and am so thrilled and frankly amazed at how much this therapy has helped me improve in this regard, which in turn has also helped my energy levels and mood overall. I feel like I am able to take on my other physical challenges better and am so grateful to Heather Carr / One 2 One Physical Therapy for introducing and incorporating this into my therapy regime. I am very appreciative of her care and am grateful for all of the treatments she has provided, as Heather is always seeking, studying and discovering new types of treatments and methods to help me personally. Even after moving out of state, she and the micro-current treatment are well worth a 500 mile commute!" -Erin F.

"Things I noticed after the microcurrent:
During the treatment I could feel very slight sensations in my left leg at times. The one with the most recent knee replacement. About two hours after I came home I went for a walk and walked 2000 steps more comfortably than usual. My left leg felt different in a good way. Felt less achy when I woke up the next morning.This was odd but noticeable: I stayed up late to watch the baseball game. Nighttime is when I have my most difficulty with overeating. I noticed that Tuesday night and also last night that I had “food thoughts” but didn’t act on them. I didn’t have the desire to . It was noticeable enough that it struck me that night.

When I left your office I felt GREAT. I remember thinking to myself that maybe I should be doing this microcurrent twice a month, that is how good I felt! I felt that I was moving around more comfortably and I also felt happier. I had an appointment right after seeing you up in McLean so I drove up there feeling better sitting and driving and was incredibly upbeat. I also ended up going out to dinner that night and still felt pretty good at that point. The next day I woke up and was feeling less achy than I usually do when I get up. 

The evening after I did the micro current I felt like a lot of the water I had been retaining started coming out!! I mean, I was peeing a lot that evening. I don’t usually do that. It was enough that I noticed it and wondered if there was some connection with the microcurrent. Also, the next morning I felt that my flare up was calmed down and I felt much better. " Nancy 

"I have been treated for neck pain and headaches due to a concussion/neck/ whiplash injury. Since I was also found to have a chiari malformation in the back of my skull, my headaches, head pressure, blurry vision, neck/shoulder pains have been twice as hard to get rid off post ACDF surgery.
As much as dry needling, strengthening has improved my condition, nothing has helped relief my head pressure, eye discomfort, blurriness, headaches and neck pain like the treatments with microcurrent. Barometric low pressure really affects my vision, brain function, it brings headaches and pressure. General pain increase. I have experience longer lasting relief when the weather is clear, but more drastic short term relief when symptoms are elevated already. For a treatment that you cannot even feel and for resting/napping during the session, I would do it more often if I could." Ellie