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Postural Restoration


One to One Physical Therapy is a certified Postural Restoration Center with expertise in utilizing the method of the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI), a holistic approach incorporating the entire postural system as well as the visual, vestibular, somatosensory, and auditory systems. It recognizes that the human body functions in neuromuscular patterns which are asymmetrical in nature primarily due to the differences in size of the left and right respiratory diaphragm leaflets, lateralization of the  brain hemispheres, and our environment.

Postural Restoration respects the need to establish appropriate breathing patterns in order for the rest of the body to be able to achieve balanced alignment and movement capability. This process involves specific manual and non-manual techniques, neuro-sensory integration, and at times multidisciplinary intervention. Postural Restoration is successfully utilized in essentially any type of condition ranging from musculoskeletal injuries to complex multi-system syndromes such as concussion, POTS, and Fibromyalgia.