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Headaches, orofacial pain, and TMJ dysfunction commonly co-occur along with neck pain and tension. There is nearly always an underlying postural imbalance. One 2 One Physical Therapy often uses specialty modalities such as frequency specific microcurrent and cold laser therapy; orofacial reflex integration training; and myofunctional therapy to restore appropriate head, orofacial and neck relationships. This also involves re-training proper tongue posture, breathing, and swallowing which are typically impaired in individuals with these symptoms.

One 2 One Physical Therapy is also a certified Postural Restoration Center utilizing the holistic approach of Postural Restoration to treat these problems. It is very important to synchronize postural function of the head, face, jaw, and neck with the rest of the body, particularly the pelvis and trunk, which serve as the supportive foundation for everything above. Establishing proper breathing patterns is also a crucial component of our treatment paradigm as how we breathe has a direct impact on how we posture ourselves.

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