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Our pelvic floor is the foundation of our core. Because of this very important postural foundational and supportive role, it is vital for the pelvic floor to be properly functioning. When there is weakness, inappropriate neuromuscular function, altered sensory awareness, and pain in this area it can lead to problems such as urinary incontinence and leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, and/or pelvic pain patterns such as vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, and dyspareunia.

Pelvic floor dysfunction very often can go unnoticed and manifest in symptoms such as hip, low back, and SIJ (sacraliliac joint) pain. It is also correlated with suboptimal breathing patterns.

At One 2 One Physical Therapy, we utilize Postural Restoration in combination with specific pelvic floor retraining and therapeutic techniques to facilitate optimal pelvic floor and postural function. Our diagnostic ultrasound serves as an excellent tool for biofeedback training of the pelvic floor.